Welcome to AGGENEYS

The town Aggeneys (place of water) is located some 65 kilometres west of Pofadder,

on the N14 highway to Springbok.

The town itself consists of two sectors: The Northern Village and the Southern Village. Most of the town is decorated with green lawns and beautiful trees.

Aggeneys is a small community, with most of the town's facilities within walking distance; this includes shopping facilites, a post office, a clinic, a pharmacy, butchery, recreational facilities, schools, a police station, etc.

Climate wise, the area is semi-desert, with arid conditions in general, but boasting some of the most beautiful and scare fauna and flora in the world.

Aggeneys has an average annual rainfall of around ±112mm, with the highest rainfall occurring between January and April. The lowest recorded annual rainfall was in 1992 at ±11mm, while the highest recorded rainfall was in 2006, at ±220mm

Average minimum and maximum temperatures in the area are 15°C to 38°C in summer and 0°C to 18°C in winter. The days in the summer are long (sunrise at around 6:00am, sunset close to 8:00pm), and short in the winters (sunrise after 07:30am, sunset before 6:00pm)